Sunday, January 4, 2015

Before and After : Antique Kidney Shaped Desk

Ummm can you say lucky? This French Provincial desk was a garage sale find that cleaned up beautifully and is now well loved in its new home! I had a lot of fun redoing this, and really love Primer Red with dark wax. It reminds me of leather bound books and rich mahogany.. but I digress. Loving this!

To get a real dimensionality of color on the top, I used a mix of Charcoal Grey, Aubusson Blue, and Primer Red that I sponged on. Don't worry! I didn't leave it like this :) I just wanted a little marbelization in the undertones so the color was rich, yet natural and cohesive.

Then, I painted over the whole thing with Primer Red so just a tiny hint of that color variation showed through. I finished the top with clear and dark waxes. Lovely!

 Curious about the Color Story behind the piece? I love the weathered, dark red look of this barn siding. It has a story to tell!


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