About Me

I'm Becky. For me, there is nothing quite like the way I feel when I am working with my hands - invigorated, relaxed, creative..

My Nonnie was an artist. An incredible, prolific, inspiring painter - she even had pieces that showed in the Smithsonian. From the day I picked up a paintbrush, I knew I was to carry on my Nonnie's legacy. I've even used some of her paintbrushes for detail work, and just imagine how happy she would be to see them used again, and to bring me so much joy.

I love to create, to design, and to inspire – and I myself am constantly inspired by the radiant warmth and classic lines in gorgeous furniture pieces, as well as colors and designs from the world around me. I am honored to be able to breathe new life into forgotten pieces, and to make them feel new and loved again. Refinishing is more than just my craft – although that is a lot! – it is part of who I am.

Someone recently summed it up beautifully: "How many of you could make a piece of furniture look so wanted after being ignored for so many years. Lovely."

For me it's simple: I do this For Love of the Paint.

Custom furniture refinishing, for a gorgeous modern, vintage, or shabby chic look! Lovingly hand-painted pieces, near the creative heartland of Austin, TX.

Questions? Email me at forloveofthepaint@gmail.com. I'll be happy to hear from you!!

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