Thursday, October 26, 2017

Pressing the Pause Button

So here's where I am. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities I've had to reach out via this blog. But to be totally honest, I don't have even the faintest idea as to whether I've written about some of these pieces, or even the time to double check and possibly consider writing about them in depth today. Have you seen this beauty before? If not, it was finished in General Finishes Coastal Blue Milk Paint and Antique Walnut Gel Stain, I absolutely adore it, and I totally meant to blog about it. Someday.

So I have started to see these accumulate in the folder that contains pieces I'd *like* to blog about, but haven't had the time.

And now I'm realizing, and accepting, that that "free time" I had before I had kids, and a small business, and sometimes even my own life (insert rolling on the floor laughing and winky face emojis here, as well as laughing while crying and sometimes just straight up crying emojis - no judgement :) ) So today I am pressing the pause button. 

I am giving myself permission to do less, so that I can do more. I wrote about this on FB and Instagram, if you'd like the full read, but the TL;DR version is that I'm going to focus on the things that my heart truly desires. My faith, my family, my yoga practice, my friendships, teaching, loving, and being still. Noticing. Experiencing. Painting. 

If you'd like to be along for the journey, I would love to have you. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram. In the meantime, if you'd like to look at some furniture eye candy, there is more after the jump! 

With Gratitude,